• Park Hours are from 9:00arn until dusk or 8:00pm (whichever occurs first, unless other
    arrangements are made).
  • The park is open to all people during park hours. Pavilion rentals are available for events and gatherings.
  • For a copy of the lease agreement, call the church at 410-239-3456 or
    send an e-mail to pavilion@stpaulsupperco.org. A copy of the lease is also available on the church
    website: stpaulsupperco.org, under the “pavilion rental’ tab.
  • All users of the park are required to treat other park users with respect and courtesy.
  • Cooking is permitted when the pavilion has been rented and only the charcoal grill provided
    may be used.
  • No open fires are permitted on park property.
  • No fireworks are permitted.
  • It is understood that the person responsible for a group will be accountable for the actions
    and safety of the group as well as compliance with all park rules as stated.
  • People are required to clean up their debris and restore the area to a clean condition before
    they leave and trash should be taken away.
  • Drinking or possessing intoxicating beverages or substances on park property is strictly prohibited.
  • No vehicles are allowed in the pavilion.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • DJ’s, radios, and bands are permitted. Sound must be kept centralized to your area.
  • Any picnic tables moved must be returned to their original positions.
  • Nothing may be attached to or written on the pavilion. Decorations to the pavilion may be
    draped or tied with permission from the church.
  • If there is an emergency, please call 911 and then call the church contact(s) listed on the
    office door of the church.

Click here to download the Pavilion Lease – please fill out and mail in with your check.